"A Little About Us

Southern Grace began in 2000 with the purchase of our first Labrador, Kacey.   He was a chocolate
labrador that had a wonderful temperament.  At this time we were not ready for the show ring, Kellie
had always dreamed of showing but was not sure where to start. Kellie felt like Kacey needed a play
mate so we added Katie a chocolate female.  These two labs, although they were never shown led
us to the show ring.  I received a phone call from a show breeder of Rottweliers that was from our
area and was looking for a labrador for her friend.  This phone call was meant to be, we began
talking and it was as if we had known each other forever.  She relized my desire to begin showing
and , Jenny of Exodus Rottweilers became my close friend and show mentor.  We begin attending
shows and met several lab breeders.  After deciding on the type of lab we wanted we chose Valcar
Kennels as our kennel of choice.  He was near our home and had the type of lab we wanted to own.

With the help and guidance of Clint Vail and Jim Carroll (Valcar Kennels) we were able to start the
foundation of our kennel with a classic looking Labrador with great temperament and a healthy
pedigree.   We obtained Blondie at six months of age.  We were suppose to keep her while we
were waiting on our puppy, Bella, but our daughter, Madison (2 years old at the time), feel in love
with Blondie.  Clint could not bare the thought of taking away Madison's best friend, so he decided
to co-own Blondie with us.  This begin our show career.  We are very grateful to Clint.
Shortly after adding Blondie to our family we also added Valcar's Southern Grace's Antebellum and
from here our kennel has continued to grow.   

Our home and kennel are situated on approximately 50 acres in Commerce, mostly fenced for the
dogs to enjoy. The area boasts many large fields and a lake for the dogs to enjoy.

We will selectively breed and have purchased dogs to build our kennel
and formulate a distinctive line of Labradors within the breed standard.
Our priorities are to breed an all-round Labrador that is sound, has a wonderful
temperament, and possess the intelligence to work in the field as well
as the show and obedience ring.

We are members and active participants in the Greater Atlanta Labrador
Retriever Club.  We are active in conformation.

As for the human side of the equation..... there is Kelby, Kellie,Madison
, and Mia Cronic..  Kelby is a
sixth grade science teacher.
 Kellie is a stay at home mom with Mia and all our four legged babies.  
Madison is
11 years old and works full time spoiling our labs. Mia is only 11 months old and is just
learning how to spoil them but loves her daily lab kisses and the labs have learned if they beg long
enough she will share her food with them.

We both work with the labs as well as show them in the ring ourselves.  We enjoy being with the
dogs and couldn't imagine letting someone else have all the fun.

Why do we do this? First and foremost, this is such a love for us. We enjoy the
dogs immensely. Our main goal is to always strive to make a better Labrador.
Labs are truly a remarkable breed. We want to do everything we can to keep it that
way. Come visit us sometime and see why we think they are so special.

Clubs and Organizations that we are affiliated with include:

Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Club
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